27 thoughts on “Uruguay vs Ghana Quarterfinals Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa Prematch Analysis


  2. @celgod20
    Any player would have done what Suarez did, besides Ghana players should have got the red card many times because of beating Uruguayan players all the time, isn’t that cheating too?

  3. @GordiuxGT Esto dijiste hace 3 meses , ojala ya hayas tenido tiempo para saber que haces un ridiculo cuando no sabes de que hablas, Aprende de futbol antes de decir idioteces< No importa de donde seas , eres un ignorante si aun piensas asi,,,!!!

  4. 2 days ago gyan was asked about suarez and what he felt. gyan said that SUAREZ WAS A HERO and that if he had to stop the ball with his hands that he would do the same as suarez. well i guess that put a wrench in all of you haters that keep saying that suarez is a cheater !!!! later haters !!!!!

  5. @762SLR762 shit if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black dozy….

  6. @celgod20 Angry boy is ranting again, “learn you grammer”!!!!!!!!!! ROFL – I rest my case. Game, set and match.

  7. @762SLR762 well it has been fun leaving soon to the airport. have a fun life driving your ferrari. hahahaha!!!! still funny !! you probably drive a honda civic with a body kit that makes it look like a ferrari how sad. well englishman grow some balls and stop sucking american dick. do not go to war if you really do not have to. makes you all look like chess pieces the americans use whenever they want !! peace brother !!!

  8. @762SLR762 just admit you got owned mr. engish professor. this’ll is not an abbreviation like you wrote it is a contraction. learn you grammer before you try to correct others asshole. now what is so hard of TOTAL MEDAL COUNT to understand. 110 to 100. i never said the states had more gold. uk what a joke using people from other countries to win medals for you. england the new soviet union.. the states has 2549 total medals and 929 gold. uk. 715 total medals gold 207. off you go crybaby!!

  9. @celgod20 Once again I know it’s not a word – did I say it was? no, thought not. I’ll stop correcting your appalling spelling/grammar, there’s a 500 word limit and there’s not enough room to correct it all it’s so bad; “tales” LOL – too easy. The Olympic medal count is always done on gold medals first and if the UK managed 47 to the US’s 110 when we have a population roughly 1/5 the size then we kill you ROFL. Off you go ranter, TAIL between your legs again…….

  10. @762SLR762 for example london abbreviated would be LDN. a contraction would be can’t, which is can not etc.. well i quess you just got OWNED loser!!! well i’m leaving for vacation on Wednesday so i guess i’ll write you back in about 4 weeks later clown shoes…

  11. @762SLR762 well mr. professor of english. this’ll frist of all is not an abbreviation. it is a contraction. An abbreviation (from Latin brevis, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase. Usually, but not always, it consists of a letter or group of letters taken from the word or phrase. For example, the word abbreviation can itself be represented by the abbreviation abbr., abbrv. or abbrev.

    In strict analysis, abbreviations should not be confused with contractions or acronyms !!!

  12. @762SLR762 Sport Fishing (angling) is the worlds most participative sport. second is football so try again loser. also united kingdom england needs conquered people from other countries like N. Ireland, Scotland etc. england 50 million the rest 10 million. how many of the 10 million won medals? medal count united states 110 medals china 100 medals uk. 47 medals. the states won the total medal count china had more gold asshole how stupid are you. 110 is more than 100 dozy… putts

  13. @762SLR762 this’ll is an incorrect use of an abbreviation of 2 words. so it is not a word loser. also 2 is a number. you spell it two in written form not 2 loser. you write and
    spell as bad as i do . and why would i waste my time writing with capitols letters shit i’m writing you not the queen!! you keep writing me so i guess you understand what i write. the english are the joke of europe and the pawn of the states. we say go to war and you all go running with your tales between your legs !

  14. @celgod20 ROFL – very poor, who said anything about number of seats? “This’ll” isn’t a word, correct, it’s an abbreviation of 2 words. Seriously, coming from an imbecile who can’t spell, string a sentence together or even get the hang of when you use a capital letter/full stop you’re on a big loser there. Come on you’re getting worse and it sounds to me like you need a dentist, you’re obviously fixated….next rant LOL

  15. @762SLR762 best stadium in the world is dallas cowboy stadium look it up. when man u came to play a friendly their the players were shocked and the said that they have never seen a stadium of that class. so keep dreaming and do not forget england fits in the states what 2000 times loser. dozy from shitty london !!!

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