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  1. @charrua801 I have already watched it with an open and realistic mind. You say 0:33 the two players are offside, ok the two circled players are inactive, tell me who hit the ball with his head after Kevin prince and was he offside!!!!!ON 0:40 it was no head pass, and there is a uruguyayn player on the line. So what

  2. @lakhsassi1986
    i doubt that u watched this video, is crystal clear in the 0:33 the image is stopped marking the two players in offside when Prince Boateng hit the ball with the head, then again in the 0:40, u can see that the number 10 in ghana participate in the play because he is the on e who kick it in the first time. So watch the video again but with an open mind this time, i think anger blinded you from reality. waiting now for ur answer……

  3. @charrua801 No man iam here to comment, i have already seen that video. It’s really frustrating for the one who did it!!! There was no offside. CAn u specify the time in the video , where any Ghana player was offside. Iam waiting.

  4. @lakhsassi1986
    man dont get mad, just check here in youtube the video LUIS SUAREZ HANBALL, RED CARD, WRONG DECISION? check it out and then comment again, i know u will not comment because this video is so freakin clear and you will not addmit that this happened, any way apology accepted from now because inside u will know that it was offside even then u will not admit it, god bless you heart

  5. @lakhsassi1986
    yeah, ghanian players could be physically stronger then uruguayans but doenst know how to kick a penalty kick haha 2 out of 5, haha thats lame and thats why ghana didnt win this match, blame Gyan, Mensah and Adiyah for missing their opportunities and kiss Abreu’s ass, thats a real stricker, ghanian players should learn from him A LOT!!!!!!!

  6. @RubinOwsusBoateng , srry about my last comment…i guess USA woulda done the same thing…..that guy that dived for ghana in extra time just made me so mad! and then he just got back up and went back on the field! srry for my comment, i just went a little overboard, and like i said, USA woulda done the same thing.

  7. Uruguay did what they had to do to win, Its like you a straight vegetation and the only way you can survive in a jungle is to eat MEAT would you choose death???

    BTW: Im Ghanaian

  8. Yes they did it just so you know, they said the golden boot was going to be elected by the people for the first time ever. Forlan was by far the best with more than 60% then they said they were going to do it like always by vote from a select group of FIFA.
    FIFA has been robbing us since 1960s but we don’t care, every 10 years or so there is a new Forlan like player and we try it again but we won’t stand broken players by a corrupt referee that’s simply not acceptable.

  9. @BurnRoddy bullshit. the lottery groups was online in frony of all people, don’t tell me FIFA arranged???????????????????????,

  10. 3) b- Not to mention Gyan hits Fucile on the neck right after he gets up when they were both far from eachother he aproaches him from the distance and insults him for getting up and hits him just like that.
    Finally contrary to Suarez hand who was punished for saving a goal, Appiah dives at the last minute of the whole match to get a free kick and a goal out of thin air having no respect for the tournament, the game to his or to my nation.

  11. 3) Fucile didn’t jump on anyone, 1st, he was by his side not in front and in any momment he touches the Ghana player with his arms you can watch it on the replay.
    However you can see Boateng intentionally twisting Perez neck and Vorsah pushing Lugano with his elbow in mid air and kicking him and yet while falling still managing to use his left leg to move himselfe to the back right to land on Lugano’s leg while is clearly he was faling on the ground he also stump his elbow on Suarez face.

  12. 2) b- That hand was not against Ghana it was against FIFA for disrespecting Africa for not being as economically strong as Spain and make Uruguay look like criminals to wash their hands and against Benquerença for being a tottal sold out and letting our our men being beaten ferocioulsy and unffairly like less than dogs for trying to compete fairly.

  13. 2) Suarez reaction was not triggered by Gyan miss, it was so Benquerença couldn’t rule and invent foults out of thinn air anymore, from that momment on both of our teams would have a fair fighting chance. He reacted like that because he’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

  14. 1) Because we won over South Africa. You want a scapegoat like every human being when facing a tragedy even tough we had no choice because FIFA arranged the groups stages that way and you don’t understand that SA played against Uruguay because FIFA wanted it to make an easy way to Spain for economic reasons when in the end it didn’t matter because they succeeded and SA was thrown out withouth purpose.
    So ghana played with hate because they didn’t and won’t understand.

  15. @BurnRoddy Tell me why should Ghana play with hatred? it’s uruguay who played with hatred cheated and stole victory, you saw the reaction of the fucker suarez when gyan missed the pelanty, that reaction is close to animals rather than humans. Fucile jumped over the Ghanian player who was already waiting for the ball , he tried to do smth super, he deserves what happened to him. Jorge was standing deliberatly in the way of gyan , jorge should have got a yellow card, has the right to camplain.

  16. Simple physical friction my ass! Ghana played with hate and injured 4 players and broke the foot of a 5th. Gyan fell over our captain and kicked him while getting up then when Fucile got up from his moment of unconssiosness he told him that he should’ve stayed in the ground and hitted Jorge’s face calling it foult and complained to the referee.
    Gyan was a monster not a player but I understand why is because his people threthened his life before the match.
    I blame the refereee there is no excuse.

  17. Of course there is offside, it doesn’t have to do anything with touching the ball is about the position you are with it, your kick and the position the other player is to recive it, if he’s in offside position at that point it doesn’t matter if he gets the ball or not its an offside that should be called by the referee.
    Suarez was on the netline but in the air so he was not touching and the ball didn’t pass the line which is required so no it was not a goal.
    Those are the rules for you 😉

  18. @ungaungabanana I watched the game, it was a simple physical friction.

  19. @ungaungabanana Suarez was on the net line when he touched the ball? So where is the offside. IF you mean before that , there is no offside as long as they don’t touch the ball.

  20. @lakhsassi1986
    WRONG¡¡¡¡ They are not stronger, they just do not know how to play football. They broke Lodeiro as Boateng broke german Ballack .
    They injured Lugano and almost break Fucile’s neck. Ghana had to end the match with 9 players, but ghana had FIFA support

  21. @lakhsassi1986
    DOminique ADyiyha dived in the last minute simulating a foul, AND HE WAS REWARDED WITH A FREE KICK¡¡¡ THAT WAS CHEAT¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  22. @ungaungabanana HOw many times do i have to tell you? there is no offside. can you specify who was offside? Surez was in the net mouth! so where is the offside.

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