25 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 Semi Finals & Sweep Update

  1. @amarcordeon Thanks Lillo – It should be a good final match, Peace my good friend:)

  2. I appreciate so much your interesting amazing comments
    I hope to win the best

  3. @AccordionLadyMi Thanks Fran – Germany seems to be most peoples favourites, it was just a shame that England didn’t progress further:)

  4. @Gorgorita4 Gracias querida Juany – España tiene un excelente soporte en el Reino Unido a mi amigo:)

  5. Pues yo espero que gane España… sería extraordinario y un sueño para todos los españoles… aún así, que gane el que más suerte tenga… el fútbol da tantas sorpresas… Abrazos Jhon y feliz semana…Juany

  6. Thanks John for your commentaries. I enjoy them. Best wishes to you and your family. I have some German friends who are very excited and hope to be champions. Fran

  7. @ScarecrowLady Thanks so much – Germany are on a great run too, would not be surprized if they are crowned champions:)

  8. omg! i’m still in! germany has stunned me! didn’t think they would be at the beginning of the world cup!

  9. @keydon100 Thanks so much – Germany seem to have lots of backing now, its going to be a tough game between the Germans & Spanish. You would expect Holland to beat Uruguay but the way this tournament has shaped up so far, there may be another twist yet:)

  10. @ossama2000il Thanks Osama – I agree, the Germans have been great this championship. I believe we might have a repeat of the 1974 Final between Germany & Holland.

    Peace Light always to you my good friend:)

  11. i believe at the end that Germany will be the champions without any doubt,they were the best all the way,i saw almost all the games,and honestly they played better than any other team,but lets wait and see what will be:).
    have a great week my friend.

  12. @Wizartar Thanks so much – I commented on a friend’s tribute to the Japanese team on how proud as a nation they can be of their footballers – What a pity the England team couldn’t show as much honour & pride.

    Germany & Holland have been the stand out teams & what a final that would be. Its a pity that Ghana couldn’t convert their penalty, as they have been wonderful for the tournament:)

  13. Japan did me proud! Only coming undone when it went down to penaltys!

    I’m a little disappointed this world cup, only a couple of really good games. Mostly with Germany in them surprisingly enough. Didn’t expect anything from them, now I think they’ll win it.

  14. @pepperoni259 Thanks Steven – Apart from that one blip against Serbia, Germany seem unstoppable. I just think we are going to have maybe one more twist, because this tournament has been full of shocks:)

  15. @DarthCharlieReveiws Thanks – Many teams had disappointing results – Slovenia topped their group for a while:)

  16. Damn, at school I bet Slovenia would get semi’s but nope I was wrong! Damn

  17. @goldi4jj Thanks Goldi – You have a great chance to win our little sweep, Holland have been brill. Thanks for noticing Roy of the Rovers, comic book hero of mine:)

  18. @BarryAldridge Thanks Barry – That was a shame, I think Nigeria have internal problems & can’t knit together as a team. It would have been nice for Africa, as a continent, to have had a team in the semi’s:)

  19. thanks 4 the sweep update sparky! can’t believe my team holland are still in! noticed u have roy of the rovers book behind u!!!!!

  20. @DickFilms Thanks Richard – Mexico played well & were unlucky against Argentina, goal that was offside:)

  21. @Thedetectiveman Thanks Daniel – Spain looked shaky against Paraguay but I put that down to nerves. They deserve to get to the final but have Germany in their way:)

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