England’s World Cup semi-finalist admits he came close to leaving Tottenham

England international Danny Rose has admitted that he could have parted ways with Tottenham Hotspur shortly after his participation at the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia. The left-sided defender had a tough 2017/18 season where he was plagued with multiple injuries and that dropped him down the pecking order with Ben Davies getting the nod for Spurs.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Rose acknowledged that he was considering his future with the north London side last summer and even made contact with one of his suitors before the move failed to materialise, he said: “I am enjoying my football now. After the World Cup there was talk of me moving on. I was speaking to another club which obviously Tottenham know about but it didn’t happen. I called the manager after the World Cup and he just said to me that I was welcome to stay but said I would have to get my head down. At the minute the manager is bringing me on at left midfield and central midfield. I still feel like a really valuable member of the team.”
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2018 FIFA World Cup European Play-offs

The 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup is on the horizon and 23 national sides have managed to secure their qualification ticket to Russia. There have been some surprising national teams that did not perform at the level that was initially expected and just underwhelmed which ultimately saw them not being able to qualify for the approaching worldwide competition.

One of those squads that could not snatch their qualification ticket to Russia and was shockingly left out of the tournament was Netherlands. Continue reading 2018 FIFA World Cup European Play-offs

Now that Sepp Blatter resignated, doubts are starting to emerge in relation to the location of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups

The resignation of Sepp Blatter brings forth a number of consequences as FIFA now has to delegate and select a new president that can replace the Swiss football administrator who has been hampered with corruption and bribery.

Sepp Blatter was the main supporter of having the 2018 World Cup in Russia despite all of the problems involving Ukraine as both countries are still in war following the annexation of Crimea.

However, since Blatter is no longer the president of FIFA this has casted a string of doubts concerning if whether or not the location of the next World Cup should and can be changed.

England is still hoping to host the 2018 World Cup and their dream might actually turn into a reality depending on who is elected as the new president of FIFA and if that person is willing to change the location of the approaching football tournament. Continue reading Now that Sepp Blatter resignated, doubts are starting to emerge in relation to the location of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups


Brazil did not do well in a World Cup when they last hosted it. It was in 1950 when the country last hosted the tournament, but they lost in the final to Uruguay in front of 200,000 supporters. That team has never been forgotten by the supporters, but manager Luiz Felipe Scolari says that it is time that the country learns to celebrate that 1950 team rather than degraded it. He also wants to use them as an inspiration to win this upcoming World Cup. Brazil are the current record holders after having won five World Cup titles in their history.

Scolari says that the 1950 team were the pioneers to what the successes achieved in the five decades that followed. Brazil will be going into the 2014 World Cup looking to lift the title for the first time since 2002. Rather than wilt under the pressure of the home supporters, Scolari is planning to do well with the 12th man behind them. Brazil is one of the most football crazy nations in the world. Their supporters always expect the best from the home team, which could work against them, but Scolari is aware of this challenge and he wants to provide them with the best.

“Before 1950 Brazil had never gotten to the final, they were the pioneers of the five titles we have won since then. Those players got there and made Brazilian history. We built our success on top of them. We are going to try and get back to the Maracana for the final and properly remember the team of the 50s because they were wonderful and fantastic and that’s how I’d like Brazilians to think about them. We will be playing with 12 players on the pitch,” said Scolari.

Brazil will be up against Mexico, Croatia, and Cameroon in the group stages.

Football slots

The summer transfer market is beginning to get into gear now as we approach the beginning of a new football season, but for football and betting fans, this will not be a replacement for the actual games themselves.

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