Football slots

The summer transfer market is beginning to get into gear now as we approach the beginning of a new football season, but for football and betting fans, this will not be a replacement for the actual games themselves.

The void during summers like this one, where there is no international tournament, ensures that online casino football games like Soccer Safari have a ready-made customer base of football betting fans – but with so many of these slots games around, they still have to deliver the goods, if they want to make the grade.

Soccer Safari is one game which appears to have done exactly that, as it has been on the casino scene for a while now, and there are a number of reasons why it has succeeded in capturing the imaginations of both football and slots lovers. First of all there is the high standard of the graphics, from the stadium backdrop to the quirky comedy animals (lions, cheetahs, wolves and buffalo amongst others) that populate the five reels. This brings out all of the inherent excitement and humour in the basic premise, and proves particularly beneficial when it comes to the goal-scoring bonus game.

However Soccer Safari, found at GamingClub, has also proven to be a fairly long-lasting sporting slot, because the actual slots part of the equation is just as good as the football part. For example, the jackpot – pretty much the ultimate reason for playing any slots game – is a more than decent $8000.

Then there is the fact that every effort has been made with this game to maximise the odds of the player winning some degree of payout, with thirty pay lines available and both a wild and a scatter symbol on the reels, alongside a free spins bonus feature. Overall it is the care and attention paid to both the football and the slots part of Soccer Safari that has made it a hit with fans.