26 thoughts on “Quarter Final ft Englands Wayne Rooney vs Frances Thierry Henry (FIFA World Cup South Africa) Sports

  1. That was a cass goal from stevie g i am not a fan of england i am a fan of spain

  2. It’s anoying when you prees instant replay when you score. I mean come on it’s on semi-pro you ain’t that good.

  3. 8:37…”Lescott, passes to Gerrard, who takes the ball over the halfway line…Gerrard’s decided to try his luck here….wow! Surely goal of the tournament from Steven Gerrard!

  4. underr pressuree, pushingg downn on youuu!!
    like to say pressure alot dont you!! 😛
    great goals, nice win, but france wont be in quarters!!!

  5. I shouldnt have watched this. Coming into the last week of exams and i have an overwhelming urge to jump on FIFA with a few mates. Bare gameplay jx (Y).

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