7 thoughts on “World Cup 2010, Germany vs Spain semi-finals

  1. @pitchandcut Reckon Holland will be 3.75 mark for 90 mins, make them 2.5 to win the thing if nothing spectacular happens 2nite. So Either Spain or Germans 2.25 90 mins 1.6 win cup.

  2. In the event of no suspensions/injuries for final, what do you think is a good first price estimate on WC outright that the winner of this game will go in at against the Dutch?

  3. @Costeniok Fair point about Serbia v Germany. Only thing is Germans had 10 men for majority of game and did miss a pen. Spain deffo for the taking here. Of course may be wrong, follow Paul The Octopus and you would have been suids in already. Good luck.

  4. Why do you forget about Germany vs Serbia? Germany lost a match against a team that has done nothing in the world cup as serbia, exactly as spain vs swizerland. Anything can happens… I see more knowledge in Paul the Octopus than in this man.

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