20 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2010: Knockout Stage: Predictions

  1. @EmiTheGreat thank you! You took the words right out of my mouth. I think that Diego learned his lesson, and now he’s going to think before the types!

  2. Well, I’m Uruguayan and can understand why you didn’t think Uruguay was going to advanced from their group:

    1) They had a very tough time qualifing from CONMEBOL (Even though they fought really hard to get where they’re at) came in 5th.

    2) The hosts are usually always the favorites to advance from groups.

    3) France (that name alone just yells ‘powerhouse’, not anymore) and Mexico who where actually the favorites to top the group.

    But, Uruguay was the best in that whole group.

  3. @celestefieno bet you the portuguese don’t think so.
    Cristian Ronaldo may end up being this tournament’s biggest disappointment.

  4. @7777srd yes spain lost to USA, and yes they lost to the swiss. they have lost 2 games out of about 49 games. i’ll take that track record. especially our track record with portugal

    32 games
    15 spain
    12 ties
    5 portugal

    if spain wins or looses, there is no comparing the teams

  5. @celestefieno defense was still tight for Portugal. I’l give you Robinho, but Kaká is less than a 100%, coming off a sub-par year for RM due to lingering injuries.
    Portugal will get by Spain, it won’t be pretty (think Germany ’06 v. Holland or England), but they’ll find a way. Spain has peaked, they lost to the USA a year ago in the Confederations Cup; that wasn’t bad luck . We’ll see, it’s what makes football great. Enjoy the match.

  6. @7777srd but you forget BOTH of brazil’s best plaers were not in, Kaka and Rubinho didn’t play, if they did they would have not standed a chance. fact

  7. @celestefieno yeah those are great points man! All I know is that it’s gonna be one hell of a game, and I can’t wait for it!

  8. i just love it when people underestimate spain…they started off rough…but they still ended up at the top of their group. spain does not do good with the “favorite” title, they work better as the underdogs. portugal has a weak defense and spain’s is very strong…the problem with spain is that they are VERY unpredictable, you never know which spain you may get…but if they find their feet, they are unstoppable. aka euro 2008

  9. To diego i am Uruguayan and i didnt think they were going to well either bc of recent years but after the first couple games uruguay has come back strong and they have an amazing team that has a strong defense and some of the best strikers

  10. @Decembirth @Decembirth I know!! It was a really intense game. I obviously wanted the US to win, but Ghana is not only representing their country, but Africa as a whole so good for them!! It’s also nice because this is only their 2nd time in a world cup. I’d like to see some new faces in the semifinals 😀

  11. @diego9040 Yes I am aware that Uruguay is a small country, and I think the smallest country in the CONMEBOL. but if you read up on the stats, out of the last 5 world cups, Uruguay has only qualified for 2. Once again, I’m not saying your country sucks (Yes, I see you’re from Uruguay so you have a lot of pride in your country which is great!!) but once again, think before you type!!!

  12. @diego9040 I’m not saying I don’t think they’re good. I’m just saying I expected better out of France and South Africa (since they’re the hosts) I’m very aware of Uruguay’s victories. I suggest you think before you type!!!

  13. @diego9040 oh i forgot we are only 3 and a half million in the whole country , thanks.

  14. you didn’t think uruguay was going to make it? why dont you read some about uruguay’s soccer history you will find out that after having 14 american champion titles and twice world champion , 6 time world champion club levels (Nacional and Penarol) , come on man read something before you open your mouth!!

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