25 thoughts on “Robin van Persie in WC2010 knockout stage post-match interview

  1. this man is pure CLASS! he gets injured so easily but he’s FIT, he’s one of the best striker in the world IMO

  2. The last bit… I love him so much, and his love for Arsenal only adds to that love.

  3. @brockband2
    Same here, first time I saw this interview and the last sentences he said made me love him even more. Great person, great player!

    Arsenal till I die!

  4. what a guy! for fist time i felt i had to comment and it happen to be about van persie i really love this guy specially when he said ” he doesn’t see himself wearing other club’s shirt other than arsenal” he should be awarded for that… and in the subtitle it made me smile when he said ” i absolutely used no names, so you should hire a better lip reader next time” thenx for the video mate. cheers 😀

  5. aww that was legendary. You’ve got loads of money” “hahaha no I play for Arsenal. not for money but for love” good on ya RVP10!

  6. @chinwaggler did you read my comment??? i said its funny because arabic gets the whole rep for the ccchh sound in the language when this has more of it

  7. I remember wanting to jump into the screen and hitting that interviewer with his own mic.
    I’m very protective of Robin van Persie *nods* lol

  8. they say arabic has a lot of cccchhchchhhh sounds lol

    but its a cool language

    laughed at the arsenal joke being a gooner i know they dont pay much for players and dont pay them all too much lol

  9. hahaha echt droog : ja dan moeten ze maar betere liplezers in dienst nemen

    hij is echt geweldiggg (L)

  10. First of all this interviewer is a prick. Secondly, Van Persie is one of the very very best strikers in the world and he got no service whatsoever during the world cup from either Sneijder or that selfish cock Robben. If they had passed the ball to him more than once in the final (and in fact the whole competition) then the result could have been very different.

  11. .. im exited about it.. i guess it will be Brazil.. but after match against Spain he doubts..
    Commentator bets it would be Chile..
    Persie: You got lots of money?
    Commentator: No, you?
    Persie: I play with Arsenal, i play with love..
    Commentator: Good trip back 🙂

    This was a short version of interview hope you understand it 🙂

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