25 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Brazil FIFA World Cup 2010 Highlights

  1. @VietTPJH I think what he’s trying to say is that the Netherlands achieved more overall than Spain, and I agree. The latter would have lost to Brazil for sure. Also the referee in the final was quite clearly on Spain’s side.

  2. Just remember that being a champion (World Champion or European Champion or whatever champion) only means that you’ve played a good tournament. Nothing more really.
    A few years ago, Greece was European Champion but they were not the best European team at all! But hey, they played a good tournament + all good teams eliminated each other so they won.

    Also: Spain, Germany or the Netherlands will win the European Championship.

  3. Holland vs Brazil .. best matches ever
    2 beast against each other. the sad part is Holland is one of the strongest teams out there but never won the world cup 🙁 .. im still for them 🙂 Oranje boven

  4. @VietTPJH Forgot all the years before where we won with much better results. That didn’t give us a place in the wc finale. So perhaps our football wasn”t as nice as in the past. Still this is better for our country then winning the first match with 5-0 and making the next match a loss with 1-2

  5. why don’t show the dutch museumplein when the netherlands score?

  6. @VietTPJH The dutch showed(maybe not in this WC) that we play the best to watch at, with a lot of action, teamwork and great goals, only we always lose on a pathetic way..

    Against russia in 2008,
    Portugal in 2006 (the card game)

    So i think it’s logic for a trainer to play more defensive and try to get more control over the match like the germans do that..
    Stop saying that the dutch won unfair or just by one goal, they just didnt make a show of it like they did in the past..

  7. @vidangossy1
    Come on. Spain was simply better then the dutch side. There is no shame in recognizing that and still be proud of what we accomplished.

  8. @vidangossy1 a real Champion doesn’t win by one goal of difference?
    Netherlands 2:1 Slovakia (1 goal difference)
    Netherlands 2:1 Brasil (1 goal difference)
    Netherlands 3:2 Uruguar (1 goal difference)
    Netherlands 0:1 Spain (1 goal difference)

  9. Spain is not the best in the world, they lose from other lands in the world cup and that was not best. Netherlands need to win the world cup because they had more better team’s like Brazil and Uruguay and Japan!!!

  10. i know right !!!! holland is better but they were verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy mean in the final!!!! Brazil is stupid they dont dessevre wining . ooohhh and one thing thumbs up is you agree that Holland should have won the cup but… only people from a diffrent country who agree with the dutch OK???

  11. @GloryOfOranje Wasn’t much of a killing. Killing is a large score. That was “just”.

  12. i know right !!!! holland is better but they were verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy mean in the final!!!!

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