Qatar Chief Denies ‘Developing The Game’ Fact

A catchphrase can be heard that FIFA which is the governing body of the world soccer runs out of discussion often regarding holding tournaments outside of South America and Europe that are known as the traditional strongholds of the sport by giving it a heading as developing the game. But Hassan Al Thawadi does not agree to this phrase at all. He is leading the organizing body of Qatar for the 2022 edition of the football World Cup that is going to take place in this Gulf state.

According to him, the concept of developing the game is totally different. The phrase actually understates the penetration of the sport. It is everywhere and in every corner around the globe. Football is for all the people living in this world and Qatar is no exception. People living there also are enthusiastic about football and they want to see more games played there.

Evidence has been noticed in favor of Al Thawadi during the World Cup for the clubs held in Doha where Liverpool will be playing the final match against Flamengo of Brazil which is known to be the top team from South America. The semi-final match between Monterrey of Mexico and Liverpool, the leaders from the Premier League drew 45000 fans towards the Khalifa International Stadium which is a massive response for this Gulf state.

Al Thawadi has accepted that there is a need to progress much in Arab football but there is no question to convince the people living in that region to see football matches or draw them towards the grounds. They also do not learn about the appeal of the sport. He believes that the 2022 World Cup will be the first one to get access to the world of the Arabs. The nation is a football-loving nation, but not many residents get the chance to see or experience a World Cup.