The Brazilian sports Minister Aldo Rebelo has said that he does not expect the nation to be the finished article when it comes to the prospect of hosting the FIFA World Cup, reported the Chelsea news website.

However, he has expressed his confidence that the nation will be able to deal with the burden on the infrastructure due to the arrival of thousands of tourists. The FIFA World Cup is one of the most watched events across the world. It draws crowds of more than million to a nation, which in turn helps the local economy. Brazil knew that they would be hosting the 2014 World Cup almost a decade ago.

However, it is only now that the preparations for the World Cup have started in full swing. As a result, a number of the aspects of the World Cup that were initially promised would not be delivered according to the sports Minister. Aldo Rebelo was in London in order to watch the London Olympics 2012. Since the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, fans have been complaining about the lack of proper facilities in the subsequent world cup. The 2014 World Cup also looks set to follow the same suit. The transport infrastructure, though, will be developed tremendously according to the Minister.

“We are going to do everything to ensure that the people who are coming to the World Cup are going to have the guarantee of security, of comfort of mobility within those 12 host cities. Some of the infrastructure will not be completely ready because it is an ongoing process. We are continuing to build the country. I have already placed this issue, with the organisers, with the sponsors, so that a suitable solution can be found so that these people can indeed have access to the stadia,” said Aldo Rebelo during his visit to London.