25 thoughts on “[FIFA World Cup 2010: The Final 32]

  1. @Cratalziano because in 2006 Australia’s Football Federation asked FIFA to be assigned into the Asian Confederation and they were accepted. They played all the qualifying matches against Asian countries and they even participated in the Asian Confederation Cup

  2. @SpanishDrifftingClan but the Netherland (my country) should ‘ve had a corner and all other stuff the referee that match sucked
    but still congratz

  3. They never showen how france quilfied in the playoffs himmm i wonder why not, I cant wait to se it in russia and brazil. To propre places the likes of qutar its a joke its in a desert, just goes to show you that fifa will never change they will build big stadeums in the likes of qutar but wont give fuck about whats going on in thoese contrys no charty funds or nothing, hard luck england and austrila to developed country with no trobles porverty. two words new president

  4. we hope won but at least as 74 and 78 we are 2nd again! (lose 1-0 form spain)

  5. can’t remember a worse world cup. vuvu zelas sterilized the tempo of every game, the thin air exhausted players and only forlan (the spoon) could kick that damn ball. very disappointing world cup.

  6. i wish italy won this year but a least my country won in 2006 🙂

  7. An URU final would b much more interes. but i think this wc had been succesful.Well done ,SA my country. I also feel sad for Ghana who lost the quarter but URU paid for that. I wish good luck to all clubs now playing in the La Liga, UEFA absa premiership etc. VIVA ESPANA

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