25 thoughts on “1966 World Cup Quarter Final England v Argentina

  1. In these first minutes of the game, the argentinian midfield does not do a good job. It loses too many balls trying to go forward too fast. I was expecting a more talented management of the ball by the argentinians, who were supposed to be very skillful. England put pressure in Argentina intents to organize the offensive, argentinians did not try to move the ball around looking for space, but clash with the english lines and lost the ball 90% of the time.

  2. 2:33 The Argentenian guy gives a whole flag and Bobby Moore only gives a little square thing!

  3. Ah what’s all the fuss about, it was only one of many corrupt and poorly referred matches in the history of Fifa, who refuse even now to use goal line technology which would solve many injustices.

    Besides the best thing about 1966 was that Harold Wilson won a landslide election victory, oh yesh

  4. todo este mundial estubo amañado, de principio a fin.
    los ingleses siempre fueron unos perdedores natos en el futbol, jamas le hubiesen ganado a esa gloriosa seleccion argentina sin la ayuda arbitral.

  5. @PrettyPiZZAface So by your fuzzy logic applied, the decision(s) of a ‘German’ referee two decades earlier gave Maradona the right to be forever recognised as a ‘disgusting cheat’ in the highest level of the game – ‘Hand of Cunt!!’

  6. Before the World Cup beginning, the prognosis said that only three South American sides (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay), was capable to win another World Cup in Europe (remember Brazil´s win in 1958 in Sweden). And the Eurpoean sides was determined to stop this in any cost. The mode that Brazil was kicked out of the tournament, and the suspicious elimination of Argentina and Uruguay (both quarter final matches, the referee was European), make a scar in World Cup credibility.


  8. Hahaha 9:37 and THEY say Argies invented diving what about Alan Balls plunge certainly worth an Oscar Nomination!


  10. @PrettyPiZZAface Dear whoever im speaking to firstly stop putting down the 66 world cup team and pretending to know so much about football when really you don’t, secondly get a life, stop researching fifa corruption. OK , finally you decide to make more pointless, self assured comments make sure you go back school first. thankyou and shut up.

  11. you dont see people constantly cheating, diving, wasting time, pulling shirts etc back in those days

  12. @PrettyPiZZAface Jimmy Greaves actually mate. Never got to play on the big stage but without doubt one of the best goal scorers ever shame he never had the chance in the world cup. Gordan Banks was the best keeper in the world at that time without question.

  13. @G00n3r4Life hahaha this is the most stupis comment, but every english uses it. the last hurst goal was a result of germany totally attack england, they would never do that if the score was 2:2.

    and you think hurst was better than pele? yeah and glen hoddle was better than maradona.

    and russia had the best keeper in the world, jaschin.

    however believe what you want, you proved my oppinion about the english and i am not gonna argue anymore, i know it is useless

  14. @G00n3r4Life i am not a german, i live here but don’t support them. in the semis playing at wembley gave england an advantage. the match was scheduled for liverpool, in the last minute portugal should go to london. i am sure portugal was very happy about that. english mentality: win at all cost.

  15. @G00n3r4Life the 1966 England/Argentina was certainly ONE of the most controversial of that tournament. Also, no question that Maradona’s hand ball was also THE most controversial of the 1986 world cup.
    By the way, even by their own press, the 1966 English team did not play well until the semis against Portugal.

  16. @PrettyPiZZAface And Germans are just as stubborn. Its a matter of opinion and obviously being the losing country in the final you’re going to be bias. If west germany won by a controversial descision you wouldnt b complaining. I just like to ask without reseraching name 5 players in the russia and argentina team that you so convincingly say were fantastic

  17. @G00n3r4Life england, argentina, russia, brazil were at least the same level as england. angland lost to brazil 5:1 in 1964, the english said it is impossible to stop pele. every referee in the brazil games 1966 was english, in all 3 games. pele was kicked out of the tournament.

    but believe whatever you want, i know it is useless to argue with the english. how can i expect that they admit their their only wc-win was a gift from the fifa-boss, the english stanley ross.

  18. @PrettyPiZZAface Talk about clutching at straws, You’re saying that playing at Webley won England the match. Ofcourse you’re so knowledgable about football so you;re right…….The world cup final finished 4-2 not 3-2 even if geoff hursts second wasnt a goal 3-2 is still a victory. England had the best keeper, the best centre back the best centre midfielder in the world and the best striker despite him not being fit for the world cup. Its a simple fact England deserved to win the world cup

  19. @PrettyPiZZAface LOL so who exactly was better than England in 1966, since you know so much about football? You claim to have so much knowledge when you dont know the difference between England and the UK. Go to school

  20. @G00n3r4Life 1986.Argentina won 1 game of 4 ko.games controversial, but 1966 england won 2 of 3 ko-games controversial! every wc had some luck in some point of the tournament, but england was constantly favoured. and even the semifinal against portugal should never be played at wembley, but in the last second the english changed it.

    and statistics don’t lie, therer are many articles about argentina-england 1966. england 33 fouls! argentina 19.

  21. @G00n3r4Life england was not the best team in 1966. they were a strong team among other strong teams. your bullshit media will make sure the people believe england was superior, but they were not. and if you believe in 1970 england was better than brazil, it sums up what i think about england.

    nobody accuses brazil 1958 or 1970 or italy 1982 of beeing undeserved wc. but many many people outside the uk say england robbed their wc. and they are right

  22. @PrettyPiZZAface So you’re saying England shouldnt have won the world cup in 66 even though they were the best team and arguably the best team in 1970 as well. I think you’re the one being bias not the referee. If England commited 14 more fouls how could he have blown for England on every occassion it doesnt make sense. Just remeber the Germans created diving and you talk about fair play.

  23. zziicckk01 The most controversial?? i DONT THINK SO. The quarter finals of 1986 with a hand ball that made the argentines win was more so.

  24. @PrettyPiZZAface hahaa argenitna were always animals!! dont complain thats argie style! the 60s proved that u remember estudiantes?

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