26 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2010 Germany Vs. England C.Ronaldo Messi Ronaldinho South Africa

  1. geiles video kaan, besser als meine scheiße wo ich hab πŸ˜€

    hab en lachflash bekomme, als du wieda metzger un heini gezeigt hasch :D:D:D

  2. Sorry, sorry, I’m frankly surprised that England did not actually play soccer, rather they play volleyball but did not use his hands, but the use of his legs, it was bizarre but they have many fans who seemed not to understand about soccer, and the fans wanted his team played basketball, but they all have a good knowledge about everything that is round, ie the ball,

  3. Hi im Argentinian, prepare for go home

    Maradonas revenge for 1990


  4. germany will destroy england…then you guys will call the usa to bail you out again

  5. germany will get stuffed on sunday, no fire in their bellies, they have too much respect for england. It will take a South American team to stop them.
    They have no fear of the engish, and play with real detemination. englands long passing game wont work against Chile.

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