The head of the Brazilian organisation that is overseeing the preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup has said that he is extremely confident that the World Cup will be a major success. He has also said that every single operation that is being undertaken right now is under the control. The Brazilian government has been criticised for not preparing for the World Cup at a much earlier stage considering that they knew that they would be hosting the World Cup almost a decade ago. Yet, many infrastructure projects are yet to be undertaken by the government. However, the head of the Brazilian organisation that oversees the development of the perception has said that they are taking every step possible in order to make the World Cup successful.

He has also assured the fans that the infrastructure will be ready within the start of the confederations cup next summer. He has said that there has been intense scrutiny on the infrastructure work that is being carried out in the country 24 hours a day. It is expected that the 2014 FIFA World Cup will cost Brazil approximately $ 14 billion in new infrastructure. This infrastructure is expected to comprise stadiums, airports, and various other public transport options.

“I am very optimistic, everything is under control and I am sure that we will organize a fantastic World Cup. We are monitoring the (infrastructure) works 24 hours a day and I can assure you that the stadiums will be ready on time. Currently, we have other priorities. We continue to monitor work on the stadiums, but the issue is no longer whether or not they will be completed as scheduled,” said Ricardo Trade, who is the executive director of the committee overseeing the development of nations throughout the country.