9 thoughts on “World Cup Earthian 2010 Semi-Finals: Final Going Dutch v España, Germany 3rd

  1. @TSGolden I offcourse hope that the dutch win, but it’s already very cool that we are in the finals. I mean, that hasn’t happened in like 30 years. But if they give it their best and make it a great match, its good enough for me.

  2. @gianna1989 … I am not thinking of WWII. Actually, when I toured Europe, only Germans and the Irish were rude to me for solely being an American. The people of Amsterdam were wonderful; what a great city!

  3. @RossoBianco1895 …Actually, I don’t hate Germany. I just hated the fact they were beating all the teams I was cheering for to advance. I am glad they will be playing in the 3rd place match and not the championship.

  4. @syruss877 …Cannot wait to see how the Dutch play in the final. I’m for Spain, but I am also for a great match!

    In de FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hehe. well, we got pretty much used to the fact that most of the world is against germany. but thats no problem. as the great oscar wilde once said: “the large amount of enviers confirms us in our abilities.” 🙂

  7. not ment for you specifically ofcourse 🙂 i think you’re a very good sport even though you can’t stand them haha

  8. i’m from the netherlands but i also am 1/4 german… i hope germany will win the world cup because i think they deserve it
    everyone always hates the germans and make them look bad without a good reason (if the war from 65 years ago still bothers you then i can come up with some other countries that you should put on the list too) and apart from that there is no reason to hate them so much… they are playing awesome and deserve the same respect other finalists get 🙂

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