25 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 – Wavin Flag

  1. People say that football or “soccer” is gay and dumb because each game gets like 3-4 points from each team or less unlike the other sports like basketball, but that makes it better! In basketball, points are easy to get so it takes a while to get a good shot, but each and every shot in football is intense and amazing unlike that shitty sport basketball.

  2. I’ve loved this song for so long. Listening to it seriously made me think of last summer, and how amazing it was. Not because of how much i love FIFA, its because the simple sport brought together my whole family, and basically everyone in my school. Seriously, noone was arguing on facebook or anything! I just can’t wait until 2014 :).

  3. …i really admire (not tryin to be racist;im creole!) african(or black ppl in general) ppl. they r inspiring to me…

  4. @deleteboy99…… stop hating on Justin Bieber… what did he ever do to you? this is a great song btww.

  5. I love this song the way it makes me feel like a total beast when I hear it n I’m about to play one of my soccer games!(: -3

  6. Four years wait for the world cup is a lot! But it only makes it more special! I get chills just thinking about it.

  7. @deleteboy99 i think justin bieber is one of those 519 🙂 dont forget rebecca black too

  8. take that freaking link to watch the new video down, it’s blocking half the video for no damn reason, at least make it smaller

  9. @deleteboy99 yeah good one fag are people done talking about him sounds like a lot of people have a man crush on him but yeah cool comment except for the all of it your an idiot for posting this on here its inspirational for winning not killing

  10. Why is it i cry when i see this video… Thumbs up if you also cry because its sooo touching and beautiful

  11. @Gynger64 yeah, it brought a tear to my eye, football is such a beautiful sport and this simple sport unites the world.

  12. Did anyone else just burst out crying while watching this? This song and this video are so touching and beautiful.

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