25 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 Tribute HD | Faraoni7Prod

  1. @ErikV007 Actually according to FIFA world rankings Holland is so… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! suck it.

  2. impresionante la vitoria de la roja, jamas pensaba que nuestros hermanos algun dia serian campeones del mundo.

  3. @perfect9x9 just stfu, you bitching isnt gonna change the fact that spain won.. and if you were from spain you would be happy that they won and not bitching about how they won. so just shhhh and deal with it

  4. @perfect9x9 Pues eres aún más gilipollas de lo que pensaba…jajajajaajjaa…
    me cago en tus muertos, anormal 😉

  5. @Zhersh1 Alright dog lol, u’ve srysly got nothing to except saying some bullshit. After all that’s what u are 🙂 Ciaoo & dude, im from Spain 😉 #justsaying# hahaa ash.

  6. @perfect9x9 Iniesta’s offsides??? hahahahahahaha
    You don´t speak about football because you don´t know what is!!!
    You have been in two finals before and you were play good… But in this final your game is not football, is karate, tulipan…
    In one final, Spain es world champion!!!

  7. @Zhersh1 Oh & didn’t u saw Puyol fouls and Iniesta’s allowed offsides 🙂
    tulipan ? LOOOOL Ur funny hahaa enjoy ur funny life man 😉

  8. ghana was the best african team in the tournament too bad they got knocked out it wouldnt have happened if suarez didnt use his fucked up hand to knock it out of the goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @perfect9x9 Thank u to Howard webb??????? You kidding??? You don´t have seen the kick from “Monkey De Jong” to Xabi Alonso???? Shut up, fucking tulipan!!!!

  10. @Nyzzeh the euros should be interesting. Both the Dutch and the Germans will be gunning for spain. I predict a Germany-Holland final, oh how fun

  11. whislt barcelona keeps getting these players and doing this excellent job, it’s gonna be easy for spain to keep winning, although football is always unpredictible.

  12. I personally think Germany was best, than Netherlands, and than Spain. I’m Dutch and was heartbroken to see my team lose for the 3rd time in history. This World Cup was very exciting. Spain dominated us in the final and deserved to win the game. Very beautiful video, it really brought out all the emotion in the game. Watch out Spain, we’ll be back in 2014.

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