10 thoughts on ““THE FINAL” Spain vs Netherlands Fifa World Cup 2010 PROMO//

  1. I don’t get how the better promos have more dislikes than the shittier
    ones… look @ this one- /watch?v=prUSaIVA6wM&hd=1

  2. EXCELLENT WORK! From your video I’m pretty sure you’re from Australia, so
    I’d say it’s A+ work, but I’m not sure if y’all use that style of grading
    there, so I’ll just say that was Bonza! BTW, Greetings from Arkansas,
    United States! This game had me excited about Soccer (football), even
    though when this world cup started, like most Americans, I didn’t care.
    However, this was a fantastic world cup that has gotten thousands, if not
    millions of Americans to take an interest in the game.

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