21 thoughts on “Streaker Semi final Germany vs Spain World Cup 2010

  1. I don’t think it was Jimmy Jump,coz he was at the world cup finals and tried to put a red hat on the trophy…so the would ban him from the matches.

  2. Totally right :p but i couldn’t find a better discription :p and in the description: a steaker with clothes on… :p

  3. looool one of my friends sat next to this guy on the plane to the finals!!! :}

  4. wow this is awesome!!!hectic man…did not see this on the tele in the uk! but found another good one on “tiaandevilliers” channel! great vid man!

  5. for live footage from the actual game with streaker see my videos…

  6. maybe it was the same streaker who ran on the stage on the spain eurovision contest :)

  7. why did he stopped!! if you spend a lot of money on the ticket why do u stop! also at least wait until the 90th minute

  8. This guy is so dumb, first off dont waste ur money by doing this 3 minutes in wait till like the 80th minute. second off do it with no clothing on, and thirdly hold ur teams flag behind you. as a bonus try to get the ball and score.

  9. Grande Falco, ottima provocazione per Lippi ma soprattutto per CASSANO. Lippi la fine che ha fatto e che ha fatto fare alla Nazionale l’abbiamo già visto, per Cassano qualche speranza c’è…….

  10. When I was watching the game I thought he was a ref at first and then lol’d when security came chasing after him. All the players were like wtf?

  11. thank you i missed the match today because of work this is what i wanted to see

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