25 thoughts on “Quarter Final: Germany vs Argentina 4-0 FINAL SCORE 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP RECAP and MY THOUGHTS

  1. They did just lose germany is one of the best teams in the world argentina has shit defence, when u have top player like klose ozil muller podolski and swiensteger. (Spelling mistake) anal rape will happen. DEUTSCHLAND FTW (euros)

  2. i guess you are blind i would like to see the german teams take on spurs or the american teams take on bloody QPR

  3. Argentina is not a great team guy in this video. Germany is FAR better. 3 World Cups, 7 Final appearances, 3 Euros, 6 Finals appearances. Germany had 12 World Cup semi-finals appearances before Spain even had their FIRST semi-final appearance!

  4. i dont understand how loads of english fuckers trying to say its not called soccer but football lmfao!! its not like you guys are any good.. im am originally german nd ive lived in the us for years nd now live in england but really.. i havent seen a proper good player yet nd i live in london!! i cnt wait to see england get smashed in the uefa again ”mate” i dont rate gnlish teams anymore just because all them dicks hating on youtube saying this nd this even tho you guys suck shit! stfu nd smd!

  5. @Whitesnake23GR why would you like Germany? I like them a bit cause im from Europe them too but not much else

  6. Maradona could be called a good soccer player a century ago but the guy simply is a joke as a manager not to mention as a human being. Besides… Messi is only Messi when supported by super troopers like Xavi Iniesta etc. All overrated amigos

  7. Germany were a FAR better team and played the Argentines off the pitch. Aside from Messi Argentina is NOT THAT GREAT! Germany in all reality deserved to win the whole thing more than Spain. They were FAR more exciting and impressive through the Cup, scored more goals than ANY other team and Thomas Muller was suspended against Spain by the refs because FIFA rigs the World Cups and made sure Spain won it all. Some of the breaks Spain got were insane.

  8. wtf argentina is beast.. last year i missed it i was fck sleepin when dat happened.. did germany have more player or waht?

  9. shut the fuck up u sorry ass nigga. Argentina has is a great soccer team . But are they playing good? NO they are and have been playing like SHIT! so dnt be such a fanboy and admit tht germany is x1000 better than argentina ,they always have been . Argentina lost in copa america come what a disgrace. btw DEUTSCHLAND all the way bitch.

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