25 thoughts on “NORWAY – HANG Anders Behring Breivik! – Playing as Norway Fifa World Cup 2010 RIP!

  1. I’m norwegian. I hang out in that area maybe 4 days a week. Fortunatly i were in Egypt when it happens. Thank God.

  2. @MrTommyOnTourReviv3d That right there, sick in the head. disgusting little freak

  3. You really cant tell if there is such a thing as ‘insane’ anto. But there is sick minded people, but they only do the things they do because something drives them to do it. Something tells them its right in there head.

  4. I dont get how when a celebrity dies its a maasive deal and its all other the news, but when a soldier dies fighting for our country nobody bothers. Pissed me off!

  5. @MrTommyOnTourReviv3d leave anto alone he hasn’t nothing wrong to you shame on you :(((

  6. @MrTommyOnTourReviv3d woah, you must have a depressing life to have to abuse someone who does youtube videos. You must have a really sad life an dseriously tommy? woah your parents must love you so much to give you that name.

  7. @MrTommyOnTourReviv3d Keep em coming kid lol. You are reported. This is how I stopped all the other abuse lol. Police got involved as your words are actually worrying. Wait for that knock on the door as what your doing in against the law now 😉

  8. MrTommyOnTourReviv3d go die in the nearest hole. All Anto does now is help not just the youtube communtiy but outside of that too. No other commentators do this so why slate him. You’re the one that will burn in hell, not Anto.

  9. @MrTommyOnTourReviv3d Fuck off this video man, hes showing some love to alot of people that died, u sad twat.

  10. hey anto i was just wondering if you play fantasy football since you mentioned you will do videos about real life football? if you do you could do a subsciber league 🙂 just an idea

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  15. How do you not have John Arne Riise as your LM? You can rip shots from mid with him

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