25 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Argentina (2-4) Full Penalty Shootout FIFA World Cup 2014

  1. To be honest im a netherlands fanboy and I think they deserved to win
    against Argentina but I cant do anything about it and neither can you
    stupid fuckers. It all happened. Argentina beat netherlands, germany beat
    argentina. Germany won, argentina was runner up, netherlands got third, and
    brazil got 4th out of 4. All of you guys who thought it shouldnt of
    happened the way it happened brazil< netherlands < argentina < germany I feel the exact same but swearing, arguing, talking about it cant and wont change anything and thats final. So STOP crying over whatever happened and wait for better results in the 2018 fifa world cup

  2. My favorite soccer teams.
    1. Argentina
    2. Netherlands
    3. Brazil
    4. Columbia
    5. Mexico
    6. Chile
    7. Spain
    8. France
    10. Croatia

  3. Neatherlands deserved to lose after they cheated against Mexico. Also the
    music fits in perfectly either way Germany would kick Netherlands ASS. :)

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  5. Holland put up a fight! That means that Holland’s defense was very good.
    Argentina could of score in the game but didn’t. It was a close match and
    anybody just anybody can win in the penalties.

  6. Lol It’s so funny to read about argentinians who think that they actually
    deserved to come to the final.
    I’m not the Dutch fan either,but Switzerland should be in the final…

  7. I like Holland, love the orange shirt, I have more respect in football for
    Holland that I do for Spain France and England. That country revolutionized
    football at a time when Spain and France could only wish to qualify to a
    world cup.

  8. You Argentine fuk wits are dead if you attack the Falklands again just
    remember next time we will not be so kind we will set the Ghurkas on you um
    they like trophy’s from their enemy’s. You will be nuked if you attack us
    so just remember don’t try or your dead you will never have those islands
    the British do not get conquered so fuk off stupid cunts. And as for the
    Dutch excellent people I love the Dutch sorry I had to begin with that but
    it had to be said .Shame you did not win and as for your English I have
    never heard a foreigner speak it so well how do you speak it so well??????

  9. I’am sure many Brazilian assholes dont see this
    video………..hahaha…they should….kocksuckers…

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