Kalisto Pasuwa is not going to be sacked as Zimbabwe head coach

Kalisto Pasuwa is not going to be sacked as Zimbabwe head coach in spite of failing to guide the team to CHAN knockouts.

The chairman of Zimbabwe Association has made the clear statement that the coach would remain in his job.

“Pasuwa would continue”, that’s what the chairman was quoted as saying.

Comparing all the four sides that were there in Group D in CHAN, nobody would say that Zimbabwe was the strongest, but, the Warriors were definitely not expected to be as toothless as they proved to be.

The opposition did not outplay them in any of the games. It’s actually they themselves who caused the defeats by refusing to take the goal scoring opportunities in the first two games.

They showed some tightness in their play when they faced Uganda in the last game, but, that performance did not mean much as they had already gone out of the tournament having lost the first two.

The lack of preparation was visible in Zimbabwe’s showings in the tournament and holding Pasuwa responsible for that, the fans had been asking for his sacking.

But, in the view of the decision makers in the Zimbabwe association, making too many changes too quickly in the coaching department is something which would only disturb the team and nothing else.

Also, the long term objectives of the team would only be fulfilled if a coach is allowed to take his time and develop his tuning with the players.

However, Zimbabwe’s failure in CHAN still has to be reviewed by High Performance Committee.

The Committee has to see how big a role the coach had in that failure and if he’s really responsible or not, but, having got the chairman’s security, Pasuwa would be breathing easy already.