FIFA gives Consent to Video Refereeing

FIFA has raised the green flag to video refereeing and the next 24 months would be the trial period for it.

If it’s found to be effective and really helping in the correction of the decisions, it would be implemented in World Cup too.

There would be an additional game official sitting away from the action having television footage from various angles at his disposal and the referees would have the luxury to fall back on him for assistance in case of any hesitancy regarding any incident.

However, it doesn’t mean that the video assistant can come into the game only when the on-pitch referee wants him to. The intervention can be made by him even when he is not called upon.

If he sees that the on-pitch referee is faulting in any decision, be it related to the booking or goals or anything else, he can immediately stop him and convey to him what’s wrong and what should be done. So, by no means is his role limited.

With the pace of the game increasing all the time, the errors in real-time calling are just obvious regardless of how good or experienced a referee is and nobody likes the wrong refereeing decisions to be in the forefront at the conclusion of a game rather than the performance of the teams.

So, this provision of video refereeing is something which has been talked of for long and one of the men lending his support to it has been the present FIFA chairman himself, Mr. Infantino.

The 46-year old man, who has taken over the chairmanship of the main governing organization of the game in 2016 only, hopes for the video refereeing to happen to be a big hit and for it to be embraced by all in the Football fraternity.