England risk losing the forthcoming World Cup as MPs vote that they have no confidence in the country’s Football Association.

The vote is one that could hamper the preparation of the Three Lions for the forthcoming World Cup in Russia as it would be an offence considering FIFA’s political interference stance.

Though a ban is unlikely as it is expected that they would sit up when FIFA warns but the oldest Football Association in the world face a risk. Culture, Media and Sport committee MPs are not satisfied with the FA and could cut £30-40 million in funding, at the very least. The committee chair has said that a change in the way things are done is a guarantee.

However FIFA rules forbid interference from the political class of any country. The world football body has moved to suspend several countries in recent years for violating the rule. The vote of no confidence means the government would reform the governance of the association, directly against FIFA’s mandate.

Kuwait comes to mind easily. The country were en route to qualify for the third round of the Asian qualifying campaign for the World Cup but political interference forced them to forfeit their last three matches to lose out.

England are the leaders in the European qualification Group F but with six games to go, any move to hamper their chances could mean the Three Lions would not play in Russia.

In truth the FA could survive without the funding of the government but the MPs want them to comply with their guidance on how sporting bodies be run as published last year. The government want the board and council of the FA to be run like a “modern company” but this could impact England World Cup hopes.