Brave Effort By U.S. A Goes In Vain As They Are Ousted From World Cup

A thrilling match by U.S.A and Belgium left U.S.A fans in tatters. Many Americans stopped working to cheer their team but the efforts went in vain. U.S.A goalkeeper Tim Howard saved quite a few goals before going down to 2-0 by Belgium.

U.S.A did strike again going in with 2-1. Even in the defeat U.S.A did not leave their prestige rather it was sought be a valiant effort by the Americans. The fans were in tears but also acknowledged the brave effort of their team. A good effort of defense was put up by the Belgians. Fans twitted on social media regarding a sporty spirit of the American football team. The effort of Americans to equal the score to 2-2 proved futile.

The economy of U.S dwindled on that particular day since all were busy in viewing the match. President Barrack Obama himself switched his schedule suiting the match timings. Even the city government had put up huge screens where all viewed the match with eagerness. Despite the disappointment the team did play well but it was destiny that did not favour the Americans.

Many were divided among the Americans who were glued to Wimbledon. But many who did not have any zeal in soccer did not miss out Americans playing against the Belgians to be able to make it to the quarter finals. Eventually that did not happen and the Americans should be proud of playing a high level match full of intensity which will be remembered in the history of football.

Progressing to the group hailed as the death stage was an achievement in itself. Even the fervour was altogether different than the rest of the matches. The entire country hailed American efforts and gave them a punching uproar from all quarters.