25 thoughts on “2010 World Cup – 50 Most Shocking Moments

  1. All the people look like they have zero clue what the fuck the’re talking

  2. What a shitty video!!And all maked by the British Cunts,who will never win
    a World Cup again!

  3. A 20 yo blonde “sports presenter” dressed and in make up for a night out
    saying Cristiano’s best moment was he casually spitting on the grass while
    walking (it’s a sport). Err ok.

    Hmm ok next was the “shocking moment” that Rooney shaved his chest. :|

  4. If it was a 2:1 Win for Germany, I could understand all the trouble, but
    the english players were fighting really hard in the second half, but no
    goal. We shot TWO more goals, theres no discussion, Germany was better!
    England deserved it, cause they were not good in the first games.

  5. Heskey looks like the guy from the green mile? HAHAHAHA!!! Luckiy i wasnt
    watching england v usa on ITV HD

  6. So stupid, number one shouldn’t even be number one. They were losing 4-2? 1
    goal wouldn’t make a difference, they got smashed, England are shit.

  7. Change the title to “2010 World Cup – 50 Most Shocking Moments FOR BRITANIC

  8. Dafuk.. You see these TV shows with no name moronic z grade celebrities
    describing exactly what your seeing .. And that’s supposedly good telly

    Your watching the same shit I’m watching and telling me what I’m seeing WOW!

    I’m not blind ..
    Shite telly utter shite

  9. #13 was spot on though! I REAAAALLY fuckin hope and pray brazil isn’t
    anything like that

  10. You know why this World Cup was so shocking? Because the referees were so

  11. And Howard Webb called a goalkick when a Dutch free kick clearly hit the
    Spanish wall, so that didn’t help ‘im did it?

  12. Yeah, but the most annoying thing is him being a cunt and celebrating. He
    cheated the other team out of their place in the semis and was happy about

  13. I love the WC, but I hate the fact that the english are so fucking bad at
    making these kind of things. Ridiculous commentators, 50% of the shocks
    were english, they can’t even admit the germans were much better in the
    second round of the world cup. Those english are laughing at Emile Heskey
    been put on, but I think it’s more funny that the English think there World
    Cup can be saved by Peter Crouch. Oh and ask any German, the derby is
    Germany vs Netherlands, not Germany vs England, morons!

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