25 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup – Netherlands (Holland) vs Brazil (Quarter-Finals) – Part 2

  1. bys this is a fifa to video game this guy a faggot who thinks hes funny look at the people in the stands and the numbers above their heads

  2. Howard Webb could simply not, NOT handle the pressure.
    Watch: /watch?v=AAnAQVC7nck

    worst referee ever whistled a FIFA Final Worldcup

  3. Holland! You are my favorite team since 98! I know much of the history of your team! Your players are always among my favorites to watch in the whole world! You went to the final twice and came so close to winning! If only Cruyff had gone in 74! (is that the right date?) You deserve more than anyone else to win a title! And on top of that, your jerseys are fucking awesome!!! Please! Please beat Uruguay badly and then win the final!!!!! YES!!! YES!!!! YESSSS!!! HOLLAND WILL BE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!

  4. Oh!!! Yes, have alot of this guys in internet… In Brazil we have problem with education!!! Everybody in Brazil want kill Felipe Melo the guy who tried broke Robben’s lag… Dunga never should call him to play, have alot of better brazillians like Ronaldinho for exemple… Our midlefield was shameful in this WC… Netherland players show us better mind game!! And more than half brazilians gonna support your nation Team!!!

    Go GO GO Sneijder and Robben FTW!!!

  5. Shut the fuck up, u retarded fuck face, if you are from malta u can better shame, because malta never have won any match!! hahahaahahha!!!! faggot!!!!

  6. Excellent to see not all Brazilians are arrogant and bad losers, Nice one mausten.
    Hope your team will be playing like the old days again soon.

  7. Love your comment 🙂 thanks! you make my day.. You are probably as frustrated as the guy who was trying to kick out Robben

  8. Excellent, kicked out the arrogant Brazilians! New times have come.

    Hope that Brazil is back to earth again so they can start building a football team (with fair-play) like in the early days,when that’s done you can be arrogant again, then you can start lulling invisible babies to sleep again (lol)

    For now bye bye Brazil, you need to make room for a better team.

    Congrats to the Dutch and For the Brazilians good luck in the future hope you can ever get back to the old level of play.

  9. Brazil Own the first 57 min. Julio Cesar FAIL so bad, afterall he is the Best Keeper of the World… After that Holland Play much better than Brazil… Im pretty sad… But this is Sport Spirit… Brazil dont Own Football only for us brazillians!!! I will really support Netherland to WIN WC 2010!!!

    Sorry for flood!!!
    Good Luck Netherland!! Brazillians love your football aways is our favourite team in Europe!!! But please dont loose this time!!! 7 times in finals!!??? this time you diserve it!!

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