25 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup – Argentina vs Germany (Quarter-Finals) – Part 1


  2. Hey look please help me, when i start captain your country, i choose create my own player then i export it and then when i won the cup then i add the trained version of it to my offline games, then when i make another new own player, and win the last match and press yes when they ask if i wanted to add my player to offline game modes then all my own created players are deleted

  3. lol only reason why i came to see is because i wanted to see maradona for the first time in a game.

  4. @scavenger894 regardless, at the national level, Germany proved in three consecutive WC 2002, 2006, 2010 that they are tourment team. Germany again will be final 4 in 2014, and even win the whole thing! So, dun say Germany is f**ked up!!! since germany team is Bayern Munich based, then Germany team >>>>> Arsenal!

  5. @tiffy615 and… i was right.. germany f**ked up towards the end just like arsenal.. and arsenal team is very young and players like fabregas and nasri show they are mature with a lot of experience..

  6. @lesz81 let’s see who wins this final tomorrow. My money (all A$20 of it) is on Spain. Germany played a very good game against Uruguay today and escaped extra time by a whisker right at the end. Those Uruguayans are slippery!

  7. @augusto9990 Has your mum told you that you’re going to have a new brother or sister in a few months time, and it’s not your dad’s?

  8. @UweSchenker On this day, Spain would have beaten any team in the world. Maybe it would be interesting to introduce two-leged ties (like in Champions League) to WC knock out stages. Either way, Germany did very well in this WC.

  9. @UweSchenker It was the midfield. Watching the game I realized how Swazi and Khedia neutralized the Arg and Eng midefield, and took them out. Spain knew they had to beat Germany in the center of the field. This they did. I do have however lots of respect for a player like Swazi…. what a player.

  10. @lesz81 I’m afraid you were right. Spain combined this approach together with ensuring maximum ball possession and scored a well deserved victory today.

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