25 thoughts on “2002 World Cup Quarter Finals: Germany vs United States

  1. @Badgerjohn27 waaait… are you saying people think kahn failed? HOW DARE THEM? D:
    Kahn is the best keeper there is/was.

  2. @LSBonnPower august 6th and 9th were the bombings… the 15th is when japan announced its surrender/defeat. seriously you’re just plain wrong

  3. @44foggell yes they did. The japanese knew that there was no chance for them to win anymore so they admitted defeat to the americans so it’ll come to a stop. Than the americans dropped the n-bombs to see what kind of damage it does. Im not saying this to critisize the usa, but thats what happened.

  4. @LSBonnPower no, they didn’t surremder until after hiroshima and nagasaki. Check ur facts 🙂

  5. if donovan was a finisher like ronaldo (brasil) i wouldve been a different story but donovan sucks

  6. @Badgerjohn27, the hand ball was the highlight of the game featured on this video.

  7. Well, the ref influenced the game, but ost of the job was from Khan, who is > than Casillas for sure.

  8. @brithunter1
    I doesnt say :NOT You,I say at LEAST You.USA was the last nation which join in ww2,this is what I mean

    Sry for my Grammatik faults

  9. American education system = Baseball / basketball ,baseball/basketball ,baseball/basketball !

  10. @SuperFunHero Oh USA are good in dropping bombs only (Dresden-Hamburg-Hiroshima and nagazaki) ,,remember when they first met the German wermacht in Ardennes (buldge) ,60 000 Americans surrendered to the german army ,,what a cowards !

  11. @RighttAboveIt10 But you dropped those damn bombs on innocent civilians !

  12. oviously germany where favorite in that game, but there where a clear hand of the german manschaft but u all know usa is geting better mexico use to winn to the usa and now its in the other way and i am mexican, im glad that usa is getting strong in socker

  13. @zer0ga i hate american patriotism!! they think they know it all and claim to be the best countrie in the world. but in fact its just a bunch of fat hicks wich say fuck you all the time and chear for some sport the usa is best at, since there is no other country playing. so there you go “american dream” – destroy another couple of countries so you can “help” them!!

  14. @jrass820thebagboy phhhhhhhhhh…oh go to your american sports like baseball and basketball…
    USA isn’t a soccernation.You have to live with this.And not YOU kicked the german ass in ww2…it was England,Sowjet Union and at least YOU

  15. @agriculturaltrading Well, the reality of THAT game was that one goal actually did matter. 😛 It screwed the USA over AGAIN, for the gazillionth time. But, yeah, hopefully 2014. 😉

  16. @RighttAboveIt10 dont act like america is all innocent. You dropped those bombs after the japanese admited defeat.

  17. @LSBonnPower why would we drop a bomb on japan if there was no productive reasoning to? oh yea we’re americans we like to drop deadly destructive bombs on countries to kill hundreds of thousands people and leave the survivors faces deformed. ur retarded, ur the one that needs to learn some history lol

  18. @jrass820thebagboy dumbass, learn some history. Did you know that the USA was neutral for a very long time? Britains supplied you with weapons for the war. The Russians British French and Americans worked together and none of them were “useless”. Then Albert Einstein (a German) has invented basically 90% of the atomic bomb which you dropped for no reason on Japan. Other than that, you lost every war you were in after WW2 so way to go usa.

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