FIFA has welcomed the decision by Brazil to allow sale of alcohol in its stadiums. Brazil and FIFA were locked in a battle over the sale of alcohol outside the stadiums.

It is currently banned in Brazil due to the fact that it causes a lot of problems. However, since the army are going to be deployed when it comes to the protection at the 2014 World Cup, Brazil have decided to go ahead with the sale of alcohol. FIFA were extremely insistent on making alcohol available outside the stadiums because one of the major sponsors for FIFA is an brewery.

Budweiser, who currently sponsor the English FA Cup, also sponsor the world football governing body – FIFA. In order to please FIFA, the Brazilian government has retracted on its insistence to not allow alcohol outside the stadium in order to prevent violence by passing a law in the Parliament recently.

FIFA has expressed its joy at being able to reach an agreement with the hosts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. A lot of discontent has been generated between FIFA and Brazil over the upcoming World Cup, but slowly and surely, they seem to be disappearing. The sale of alcohol is one such example.

FIFA had gone to extreme lengths in order to stress the importance of allowing alcohol sales outside the stadiums. It even threatened Brazil by saying that the World Cup could be shifted to another location and a huge penalty could be imposed on Brazil.

Prior to giving a country the status of hosting the World Cup, FIFA always imposes certain criteria. One of the most important among them is the fact that the countries should be allocating one percentage of the total tickets to disabled people, while more than 300,000 tickets should be sold at lower prices.