Brazilian legend Romario has said that there is every chance that Brazil could not be ready for hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Brazil have been chosen as the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosts without any competition from the other South American countries.

As a result, there has been a notion that Brazil are not too concerned about the World Cup and that feeling slightly overconfident about their prospects of hosting the world’s most watched tournament. It has been only a few months ago that Brazil started full-fledged actions to complete the stadiums proposed for the World Cup. Aside from the stadiums, the biggest worry with Brazil is the ability to provide transport to all the fans arriving from all over the world.

Brazilian transportation is certainly not capable of handling the amount of volume that it will receive during the World Cup. It is something that has been stressed by a number of people concerned about the quality of the World Cup. Romario has been the latest player to criticise the slow actions by the Brazilian government towards organising everything for the 2014 World Cup. It is estimated that the 2014 World Cup will cost Brazil around $55 million, which is going to be extremely massive even for an economy that is growing as big as Brazil.

“I think that Brazil won’t be 100% ready. Of the 12 stadiums [that are to stage World Cup events] maybe 10 will be ready. As to work on public transportation, none of the cities involved will be able to complete it fully,” Romario told magazine Istoe. Even though his comments are expected to receive a number of criticisms from the government officials, Romario has said that Brazil need to work a lot faster in order to make the 2014 World Cup a memorable one.